Individuals who have served or are serving in the armed forces.

Trades & Buildings
Individuals who perform work in any of the building trades, e.g. carpentry, masonry/finisher, painting, roofing, and welding, and may also perform some entry-level to journey-level work in one or more mechanical equipment trades such as electrical, plumbing, evaporative coolers, and HVAC.

Individuals who have just received a university degree, including associate, bachelor, master's or higher.

Energy Professionals
Individuals who have been in positions related to one or more of the four key roles in the past and have knowledge and experience in those areas.

Individuals or groups who are seeking to link program funding with recognized credentials.

Professional Associations 
Associations and other organizations involved in workforce development.

Organizations/companies which are seeking guidance on talent recruitment and cultivation.

Individuals seeking guidance on entry points and career advancement.