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    Building Professionals
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  • Energy Careers & Specializations
Energy Management: Monitoring and improving energy use in buildings
Energy Auditing: Investigating opportunities for improving energy efficiency
Building Commissioning: Measuring and verifying systems performance
Building Operations: Maintaining building systems
Career Mapping Tool
This Career Map tool highlights emerging professional-level standards that are part of the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines (BBWG). The map articulates clear pathways for advancement for incumbent workers as well as the identification of strategic entry points for veterans in building trades professionals, graduates, and other job seekers.

The entry points on the left are strategic entry points identified as jobs that are good precursors or transition jobs to the four main BBWG jobs. The right side of the map shows specializations to strive for and what career advancements are possible. Hover over points to see the pathways and click on a point to see basic job data.

At the bottom of the map are four focus areas which act as filters. Click on a filter to see all of the job entry points associated with that field along with the pathway for those jobs.

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